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Brick home Exterior addition & Garden Walls

This grand home addition and garden party worthy accent walls feature stunning red brick. LMent matched both brick and mortar colour to the original home, built in 1910.


The sandstone foundation required extensive restoration and repair. Reclaimed sandstone was used around the base of the exterior.


Over 18,000 bricks were used to complete the backyard accent walls and home addition. The garden wall phase included a few hundred lineal feet of curved walls, with custom precast caps.


The date stones and accent stone were carved by hand, on site. The homeowner also allowed us (at his suggestion) to put 6 “LMent Stone” branded bricks throughout the property.


"Mike and his team at LMent Stone are  true craftsmen. The addition really got exciting when the red brick started going up. The attention to detail on aspects like the curvature of the garden walls, and the hand carved accent stones really showed their knowledge and professionalism. The crew were friendly, reliable and exceeded expectations on our home. I would recommend LMent Stone for any custom masonry project."

W. Brett Wilson, Mount Royal home owner

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